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Thread: CP/M download

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    CP/M download

    Hey guys. I want to download the original CP/M. I believe it was FAT8. I bet you guys want to know why the hell do i want CP/M for. I just want it. Does anyone know where i can get it for?? If someone does have. Will they upload it to a server and we will talk more about that off this topic because if you do it for one person and then every one wants you to upload for them all the time?? Do i have a point on that?? Please reply back and make sure it's the original and not some single file that will only run off of floppy. I want to install it as FAT8 or whatever it is. Thanks guys.

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    Re:CP/M download

    Do you know google?

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    Re:CP/M download

    yeah been there for some time now without any luck.

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    Re:CP/M download


    Funny, first result gives you 1.0, 2.2, 3.0 and software....

    edit :: fixed url

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