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Thread: bash scripting question

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    bash scripting question

    i have the variable $filename which i'd like to strip of it's extension. i mean for example in perl i'd simply do
    $filename =~ s/(.+?)\..*/$1/;
    and that'd leave me with the name minus the extension. Has anyone any ideas about how i can do this with a bash script?


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    Re:bash scripting question

    this will rename anything with an extention of tmp to what ever it is w/o the .tmp extention - not sure why the *.* is not taking hold...

    for i in *.*
    name=$(echo $i|sed 's/\.tmp$//')

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    Re:bash scripting question

    Works for me

    Just a quick extension to the question...i only need to strip the types .ram and .rm, short of repeating the RE on the next line is there a way i can do this?
    my weak attempt didn't seem to fly...
    name=$(echo $i|sed 's/\.["ram"|"rm"]$//')

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    Re:bash scripting question

    Try || or /

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    Re:bash scripting question

    ahh, never mind. Through use of consumate .'s (well one...) i managed.
    name=$(echo $i|sed 's/\..*$//')
    thanks for the help, pbharris
    - Sean

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    Re:bash scripting question

    perl can be used from the command line too:

    foo=$(echo $i | perl -e 's/foo/bar/g&#039

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    Re:bash scripting question

    You can also do this without any external program, using plain bash:

    shopt -s extglob
    echo ${tmp1%.@(ram|rm)}
    echo ${tmp2%.@(ram|rm)}

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    Re:bash scripting question

    [quote author=Hko link=board=9;threadid=7681;start=0#msg70211 date=1062779536]You can also do this without any external program, using plain bash:[/quote]

    very cool, i always thought calling sed seemed unneeded for something so simple, but it was usually quick scripts i'd never use again so i never really looked. thanks for the tip!

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