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Thread: RAID 1 in RH9

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    RAID 1 in RH9

    After setup RH9 with software RAID 1, there are:

    /dev/md0 /boot
    /dev/md1 /

    /dev/md0 = /dev/hda1 and /dev/hdc1
    /dev/md1 = /dev/hda5 and /dev/hdc5
    (others are all swap)

    When I shutdown the server and plug-out hdc cable, the system can start as predicted.
    However, while plug-out hda, it cannot bootup with hdc only, but it is supposed to can.

    In RAID1, the two harddisk should be identical, but why can't /dev/hdc works as /dev/hda ?
    Is there anything wrong? I use GRUB as the boot loader.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re:RAID 1 in RH9


    I got an archive of RH7.2-current on the distro specific list, and the Red Hat general list. Give me a bit and I can see what I find in there. Otherwise I am going to take a look at some RAID docs for ya.

    AFAIK, the mirror would be partition to partition, so what would be needed is to write the MBR data as well. I say that because the missing info on GRUB showing up or not (so sue me if my ESP failed ;D ). What you could try is rerunning grup to write the bootloader to the mbr on hdc. Then try booting off of that. Hell its worth a shot in the meantime.

    Hope that helps, or any info I can gather helps out.


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