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Thread: record audio currently playing to a .wav file

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    record audio currently playing to a .wav file

    I'm wondering how i can record what's playing on my sound card to a .wav file. I tried vsound and that worked marvellously (for all the 5 seconds that it worked for. It seems the realaudio stream i use plays a short audio clip before playing the audio stream proper. which makes vsound unhappy).

    Anyone got any ideas? In windows i'd just change "stereo mix" to be the recording source, turn on the realaudio stream and then start recording.

    - Sean

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    Re:record audio currently playing to a .wav file

    Krec is a good choice. There are a few more, but Krec has more of the bugs worked out.

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    Re:record audio currently playing to a .wav file

    I'm in GNOME and KRec won't run while Real is playing a stream (and Realplayer won't open when KRec is already open). So KRec is a no go. I Was thinking maybe there's a way i can just enter something in a terminal and it'll shove the audio that's playing into a .wav file. Or am I being silly?

    edit --

    I managed to get vsound working with realplayer. I merely had to check "enable support for old OSS drivers" (strange, that, but hey it worked). Then i just used the vsound -f output.wav realplay input.ram

    Thanks for taking the time to read the thread nonetheless.

    - Sean

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