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    Rather than hi-jaking Sarah's thread (more) i though i would respond to why we did not 'modpoke' Sarah and why we did modpoke you.

    you said "well fuck you too sarah."

    I am not a linguist but I do believe that is more agressive "i can even tolerate LC over some of the people elsewhere."

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    i did find it a little rude of her, and thats why i posted saying that i didn't find LC difficult to deal with. i probably should've said that that was a little rude to say, especially when she was complaining about people in other forums being rude. i appologize

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    Well, I seen her post to be simply a "I really dont like LC, but there are some that make me rather be forced to deal with him."

    Whats wrong with saying you dislike someone, and then pointing out that there are people worse, way worse?

    Now, as for LC, sure maybe he was taken back. But if I were him I could care less. No need to get bitchy, or irritated. The few times I got into it, the one that I can look back on and go "Damn I sounded like an ass!" were the ones where I got verbal right back. I think that was the Militant incident... God I am glad that is over...
    That guy was an ass, and I really didnt need to stoop to his level.

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    Okay so it's simply okay for anyone to insult me (or any other "unpopular members&quot - because that person does so at a lower degree than in the reply to that attack ??

    Well that's simple not acceptable, there must exist equal rights for all. And you better believe I'm not going to take this anymore.

    I cannot accept your explaination. It's discrimination and blantant power abuse.


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