I'm not sure if there IS such a word as "Crudity". If there isn't, let this be it's inception. "Crudity" is an attitude that some people have. The attitude is that "I'm too important to ignore, so I will get in your face with a crude statement and then enjoy your embarassment". What these people don't know (because they're self-centered egotistical shits), is that most people are aware of their tactics, and rather than confront them, will go out of their way to avoid them; this doesn't mean that anyone is scared of these obnoxious fools, quite the contrary; most folks have much more important things to do than get in a pissing contest that does nothing but gratify an attention whore. That's been my attitude recently; although I personally have not been subject to any of this crap, I've seen way too much of it on the various forums I belong to; when I reach my limit, I just don't go there anymore, a simple, effective way of eliminating the stress caused by the frustration of not being able to grab an annoying shit by the throat and teaching him some manners. I haven't been around LJR for a while for just that reason, however, I think I'm gong to visit more frequently again. I sure hope I don't see a lot of "Crudity"; I might not be quite so quick to leave again. >