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Thread: Testing the speed of linux distributions

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    Re:Testing the speed of linux distributions

    [quote author=sarah31 link=board=7;threadid=7659;start=0#msg69900 date=1062259019]
    well oranges to apple tells me nothing apples to apples tells me that at the least they have set they system up in such a way as to produce maximum efficiency.

    for your information i ran an -march=k7-athlon (or something like that whatever my processor was at the time) -O2 -fomit-frampointer and all that was faster for me was the performance of my protien cruncher. Libranet noticable out performed it in every other aspect.

    there is an apple to oranges for you.

    alot of time speed does not depend on optimizations.

    to me speed counts for little.

    One of gentoo's greatest strengths is the fact that you can compile for your system specifically. If we were to compare "apples to apples" as you say, then to me that says all it is is an effort to duplicate a RedHat system. Granted, RedHat may have other optimizations in other areas, but that's all part of the test. I believe the point here is to optimize the crap out of a gentoo system (ie, get it as fast as possible), and see if it really is noticeably faster than a Redhat system. By the nature of the test, you can't be comparing apples to apples. The systems are inherently different. All we can do is set them up with the same playing field (ie, same fs, same optimizing programs, same settings), and test which packages run faster.

    vvx one more thing to consider...make sure that you use the same version of the same filesystem on both setups

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    Re:Testing the speed of linux distributions

    same version of filesystem? I'll have to check versions. I did consider filesystem already as I don't want to test reiser vs ext3 or something so I was going to use ext3 on both, but would a different version really make a large difference?

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    Re:Testing the speed of linux distributions

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=7;threadid=7659;start=0#msg69887 date=1062254462]
    Yeah...the gentoo install is legendary.

    Funny - I kinda like their installer now.. then again I install it on a weekly basis so....

    But yes, it's a bit scary to be dumped in a terminal without a comforting GUI to help you - the documentation is nice though so the install is quite easy if you just follow it to the letter.

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    Re:Testing the speed of linux distributions

    It wasn't the CLI that has dissapointed me.

    If I was afraid of the CLI there's no chance in hell I would be trying gentoo -- it's not known for it's ease of use in this way and that's not a bad thing. Not everyone is going for that angle with their Liniux distributions.

    What did block me from using the gentoo livecd was the fact the 1.4 livecd is missing something required for using an orinoco wireless card. You simply can't use net with it. Additionally, the stage3 tarball gave errors upon trying to extract it. The md5 checked out so I don't know what's up with that. Perhaps it's only a problem with the tarball on the livecd for pentium3's only? At any rate, these are problems not with CLI. GIven a beautifully crafted GUI interface for the whole thing, the same problems would have prevented me from using it.

    Installing with knoppix works quite well though. Where gentoo's livecd had problems on my orinoco wlan card, knoppix found and brought it up perfectly. Knoppix might be the ideal companion to gentoo I think..

    My laptop is busy compiling now and the instructions are working just peachy, knoppix is a good thing!

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    Re:Testing the speed of linux distributions

    Any results yet? Just wondering.

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