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Thread: Americas Army

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    Americas Army

    I just downloaded AA and completed all of the training except for adv marksmen. But my question sis does anyone have problems getting a game list and connecting to games ???

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    Re:Americas Army

    NM I fixed it wasn't working because of my router ???

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    Re:Americas Army

    I could never get it to save the progress of my training. I did the rifle course about 5 times and finally said the hell with it.


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    Re:Americas Army

    I too did rifle training many times before figuring out how to save the game. * You have to sign up for an account at their website *.

    When looking for online games, I found that I couldn't connect to "Andromeda". But when I selected "Gamespy", a list of servers magically appeared!

    Hope this helps!

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    Re:Americas Army

    I tried to run it a few times, but my computer takes one look at it and immediately shits all over the carpet. It starts thrashing and promptly grinds to a halt. Guess I'll have to give it a shot when I get my hardware upgrade

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    Re:Americas Army

    Wow they kept my account on these forums. Haven't logged into here in like a year.

    Nope, no problems here. But I do Beta test it so I do have some experience on installing/uninstalling/reinstalling it and playing and testing it.

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    Re:Americas Army

    I did the night jump for airborne, but I have an old version and it wouldn't let me upload :-[

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    Re:Americas Army

    I finally installed AA, and it works great and all -- but for some reason punk buster doesn't work right. Any tips?

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    Re:Americas Army

    You need to update punkbuster. The version that got shipped with the game was a old version(Very).

    You need to put the files in your: /home/<user>/.armyops210/System/pb and htm directories.
    This is a hidden directory for your user who is running the client.

    If you run a server with the -nohomedir option then you need to put them in the correct folders which will be in the main game directory:
    /path/to/armyops/System/pb/ and htm.

    Erik...I fixed the link...Stryder144

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    Re:Americas Army

    Turns out I do have he requirements, I was stupid and looking at the windows requirements... Any LJR servers?
    I have an old version, do you think my training stuff will still be good (I only had airborne, basic, and infantry done...)

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