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Thread: Log Qestion

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    Log Qestion

    When looking at /var/log/messages, I sometimes the word MARK is listed, such as below:

    Aug 27 06:01:42 Saptech -- MARK --
    Aug 27 06:21:43 Saptech -- MARK --
    Aug 27 06:26:18 Saptech syslogd 1.4.1#11: restart.
    Aug 27 06:41:43 Saptech -- MARK --
    Aug 27 07:01:43 Saptech -- MARK --

    What does that mean?


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    Re:Log Qestion

    Uhm. It's a mark.

    It tells you that another 20 minutes are gone by. Comes in handy when you've got a lot of stuff happening then you can jump from mark to mark easily...

    You can configure the interval with the -m switch to syslogd. -m 0 switches them off completely.

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    Re:Log Qestion

    Some dood named Mark has h4x0r3d your system

    "Log, log.. its big, its brown, its wood!"

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    Re:Log Qestion

    Thnx for the info.

    ph34r, I caught up wit that dood, Mark, he's kool! ;D

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    Re:Log Qestion

    [quote author=ph34r link=board=12;threadid=7630;start=0#msg69764 date=1062076173]
    "Log, log.. its big, its brown, its wood!"

    Ren and Stimpy kick ass ;D So does Spike for bringing these loons back ;D


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