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Thread: emerge and libxml

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    emerge and libxml

    Hi i'm starting to get pissed off > almost evey app I want I keep getting this damn error

    !!! File is corrupt or incomplete. (Digest do not match)
    >>> our recorded digest: <a lot of numbers>
    >>> your file's digest: < a lot of numbers>
    !!! File does not exist: /usr/portage/distfiles//libxml2-2.5.8.tar.bz2

    so I manually downloaded it and installed it but I still get this f**kin error > > > >


    sorry about my temper/language

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    Re:emerge and libxml

    anyone ???

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    Re:emerge and libxml

    This is just a guess. I am not sure if this would help. I would try emerge sync(rsync) and then try it. I am not a emerge expert. Lovey might be able to help.

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    Re:emerge and libxml

    Hi I got it to work all I did was delete the file. also using sync doent do anything.

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