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Thread: starting college in detroit

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    starting college in detroit

    well i moved in today. 300 miles from home, internal ip, showers with bad pressure and no place to stow some dry things

    yet somehow i'm enjoying it.

    anyone here starting college? anyone here in detroit? anyone here want to rant about showers?

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    im moving into my dorm in 10 hours, but this is my sophmore year. and then i have to go to class on monday/tomorrow!!# my college sux0rz hehe they also disable games and stuff. you arent allowed to do anything on the internet but look at sites, and even those are filtered through the school server. you get blocked for the stupidest shit. its very irritating : trust me, there is a whole lot more that i can bitch about than showers about my college hehe but i know ill be there all the way through, there is nowhere else to go around here, and i dont feel like going out of state.

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    the showers are ridiculous, just because you are with a bunch of guys and they dump shit on you like food and cold water. this is my 500th [post!!!!

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    Eeew.... Detroit....

    I dont like that town ....

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    One good thing abut Detroit... The White Stripes.

    anyways, enjoy College - it's a tough ride at times though

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    so far so good, class starts tuesday, i've made a lot of friends and am enjoying myself. classes may change that though . but i think i'll like em.

    detroit... yeah it's not chicago...

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    What about your GF?

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    Re:starting college in detroit

    [quote author=Compunuts link=board=14;threadid=7607;start=0#msg69757 date=1062051855]What about your GF?[/quote]

    i miss her

    we decided to go our seperate ways, but we're still in contact and stuff. and we both agree it's for the better.

    i actually was trying to get in contact with her today but i went outside to call her (it's noisy in the dorms) and she called my dorm, so i got a busy signal and she got my roommate saying i was out. but i'll talk to her later.

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