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Thread: Opteron?

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    Hello all,

    A client of mine wants to know what the best corse of action would be in terms of a new server that will house their new e-comerce site, ftp, ssh and email. One of the questions is if getting a 64bit server is worth it over the normal 32bit and if building your own 64bit system is even posible. I googled for Opteron but only found premade systems, no selling of motherboards or processors.

    Whats your take?

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    For me, I would build an x86 server with lots of ram. That's just my take on it though.

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    Get an opteron. i saw the benches for pov-ray, and WHOA is the sucker good!

    Or if you have a boner for Intel, grab an Itanium 2. IIRC though, the I2 isnt as friendly ATM than an Opteron. Could be wrong.

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    Anyone know where I can get prices on Opteron parts (mobo, CPU)?

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    Re:Opteron? will show you a pirce that stays about the same for Opteron parts.

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