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Thread: Novell Print Queues on Linux (and cups)

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    Novell Print Queues on Linux (and cups)

    We have a non-networked printer connected to an Intel print server that uses IPX only and that in turn is connected to our network... redhat-printer-config asks for a queue name when you select NCP as the printing protocol (so it definitely depends on a Novell server) Using mars-nwe, how can you CREATE a print queue and map it to a hardware print server, or does mars-nwe depend on an actual NetWare server (that's what it seems like as even the pserver program to create a print server wants a server and a queue name)?

    Is the web based portion of CUPS only available on localhost? I tried to access it across the network but it didn't work (I know SWAT has a line in its xinetd.d config file that allows you to turn that feature on and off, but the CUPS-LPD file didn't) any ideas?

    BTW - Using Red Hat 9

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    Re:Novell Print Queues on Linux (and cups)

    mars is a novell server, ncputils or something is the novell client.

    is there already a novell server on your network?

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    Re:Novell Print Queues on Linux (and cups)

    Mars is a NetWare Server Emulator which is seperate from
    the NCPFS and IPXUtils packages. NCPFS is an implementation of the user space tools such as that used to mount novell volumes and tools to print to a print queue. IPXUtils is simply the tools necessary to use IPX (ipx_route etc)

    To your question, yes there is a Novell server already, but my /etc/nwserv.conf file is set to BENEFIT (it obtains configuration information such) from having another Novell server present (IE it knows NOT to take the network number of the other server and creates a unique one)

    The Novell clients SHOULD see the linux box as a server on the network but they don't for some reason. When I run `slist` on the linux box the real Novell server shows up PLUS the linux box... I don't get why the Novell clients don't see the linux box AND I still am not any closer to figuring out HOW to create a print queue on the linux box that can forward to the print server hardware....

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