We have a non-networked printer connected to an Intel print server that uses IPX only and that in turn is connected to our network... redhat-printer-config asks for a queue name when you select NCP as the printing protocol (so it definitely depends on a Novell server) Using mars-nwe, how can you CREATE a print queue and map it to a hardware print server, or does mars-nwe depend on an actual NetWare server (that's what it seems like as even the pserver program to create a print server wants a server and a queue name)?

Is the web based portion of CUPS only available on localhost? I tried to access it across the network but it didn't work (I know SWAT has a line in its xinetd.d config file that allows you to turn that feature on and off, but the CUPS-LPD file didn't) any ideas?

BTW - Using Red Hat 9