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    Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    this is one thing that i never know what to do with. everyone always says my fonts are ugly from screenshots, and everyone always has clear nice and sharp fonts for everything. i rebooted my computer and now my fonts went from big and messy to small and sharp but they are *too* small. and i dont know what the hell is going on. can someone tell me how to fine tune my fonts and my them look pretty like everyone elses?

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    Re:Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    How small? Big enough so that it might just be a few sizes off what you'd prefer? I believe you're using gnome, right? Check out the font preferences. My Desktop font is set to 14, and my app font to 12. With the Bitstream Vera Sans font for each item, I must say it looks very very slick with the right rendering. In the event that you don't have the rendering right yet...

    It's tailored for Gentoo, and there's a lot of stuff there about gentoo-specific things, but still I'm pretty sure that the procedure will work for whatever distro you're using. You'll have to make sure you have the latest freetype installed, and X compiled to use it.

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    Re:Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    actually im back to good old fluxbox :

    i also would like to know how to get that full transparency on the console with no scroll bar or borders. i tried aterm but i only know how to make it transparent. and i also see people with very nice looking xchats.

    look how nice those fonts and xchat look AND he has the transparent console. :-X

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    Re:Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    lastest freetype and bitstream vera... plus homegrown tweaks...

    that's the lastest Bluecurve theme from rawhide compiled on Gentoo, the GTK2 theme is Lighthouseblue though.

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    Re:Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    For a trans borderless term, use Eterm.

    Eterm --trans --boderless --scrollbar=false --buttonbar=false

    Then use --geometry=<width>x<height>[+/-]<X axis>[+/-]<y axis>



    If it's not completely borderless, make sure your border is set to 0 in your style in /usr/local/share/fluxbox/styles/ .

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    Re:Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    i tried to install eterm, but it said i need libast, so i installed libast 0.5 and its in /usr/lib

    so i tried to install eterm again and it still cant find libast and that i have it in a weird place or need to run /sbin/ldconfig so i ran /sbin/ldconfig and nothing happens. whats going on

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    Re:Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

    font de-uglification howto.

    would also be nice to find a package of some nice truetype fonts (other than the bog-standard crap that i yanked from my windows install) or if i can somehow grab the ones from my mac. Also anti-aliased fonts on gnome would be nice if i knew how...

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