No offense but you have got to start describing your problems so that it makes sense.

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This is how i did it. I installed MS-DOS to drive C: and Windows XP pro to drive.[/quote]

First off the drive letter really only mean anything when you're in Windows. When you describe your partition layout you should talk about primary partitions and logical partitions.

"...and Windows XP pro to drive." What does that mean? There should be something more informative than a period after the word "drive".

yes xp and dos is on fat16. Using dos floppy disks i made 1 primary partition, 1 extended partition and 2 logical drives then when i went to install RH linux i got an error when i came to make my swap. I made /boot 50MB, / 3000MB, swap was going to be 512MB. I get this error. Could not allocate requested partitions: Partitioning failed, could not allocate partitions. Could someone help me?? Please reply back. Thanks guys.
Ok, here goes partitioning 101:

A dos partition table can have four primary partitions. One and only of these partitions can be special in that it can be further subdivided into logical partitions. This is called an extended partition. An extended partition cannot contain a filesystem. It merely is a container for the logical partitions.

So you have 1 primary partition that's in use. (From what you write there's both MS DOS and XP pro on that partition which sounds a little weird to me.) And you have two logical partitions within the extended partition. Using one for /boot and one for / there's no space left to create a swap partition.

You either need to resize the existing partitions or do without swap partition (and use a swapfile instead).