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Thread: vmware vs win4lin

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    vmware vs win4lin

    Hello all!

    There are a couple of win programs that I need to use for my work,
    (for now that is until I get the hang/find equivivalent warez for linux)
    (photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Flash) so until I get the hang of things
    I need to use them from time to time in my work ..

    Question is ..

    Which one is to prefer .. vmware or win4lin ??
    if money is not an issue which one would you guys use ??

    (well you guys would probably not use either one of them .. heheh ... but it takes to much time for now to try to work my way around those programs ... you know .. in the world of business .. time is money)

    trying my best to learn gimp
    but for an old photoshop user it takes some time to convert .. been using ps sincever 2.

    have a good one..


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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    My guess would be Vmware. I would say it was the more widely used. Although I could be wrong. I have never used either one.

    Jim H

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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    (for now that is until I get the hang/find equivivalent warez for linux)
    er..... linux doesn't have warez... :P :P :P

    From what i understand, win4lin is weird. aparently it has a custom kernel that you have to install (or recompile your own with the support i guess)
    i think vmware is the better way to go unless you want to try wine.


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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    hehehe ..

    well I knew I was stepping into that one Alastair

    thanks guys for your advice, I have used vmware and I know that is working very nicely .. so thats what I'm gonna use until I get the hang of linux warez.. hehehe ... (feel like a treator).. LOL

    it's just for short time period I promise ..


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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    Of course he could mean a warezed linux version of Vmware. :

    Vmware is not open source software.

    Jim H

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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    win4lin is another linux distro do a search on both vmware is more of a emulator wich will allow you to run linux programs on windows if you want to try out linux and not destory your computer os try dragon linux and phat linux if your running xp youll need a xp disrto both use dos enviorment

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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    if you want to try out linux and not destory your computer os
    that is a new one on me. Tell me why my computer is getting destroyed by linux???????????????????????????????

    you are very confused. let me know if there are any misconceptions i can clear up for you

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    Re:vmware vs win4lin

    lol no doubt, linux doesnt "break" anything, windows breaks itself. or are you talking about destroy as in format???
    heh actual computer people look forward to formatting windows, or at least i do, because i know when i format, the first boot into windows will run half ass decent, then i get a few things into the registry and it bloats down and runs well like windows does lol. yesterday, i explained to a friend how to install a hard drive, so he did and it was all working and he was happy he did it himself, he is going to use that hard drive to install linux for the first time. that is after he formats windows and reinstalls on his other hd. he is really into programming, and he knows that while trying linux, there will be a possibility that he will ditch windows lol, well anyways the point of this is i told him to boot up the slackware cd and set the partition table with cfdisk BEFORE he installed windows, because windows likes to screw up and take more space then you tell it to, it doesnt understand that you want that unused space to be a 128meg swap. unless its something windows cant read (the swap partition) well now i am just blabbing on and on, well point is, linux doesnt "break" windows does.
    ;D ;D ;D
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+<br />DFI NFII Ultra Infinity(gigabyte sucks)<br />OCZ 2 x 512 PC3200<br />ATI Radeon AIW 9600 PRO<br />16x DVD-Rom (not in use)<br />LG 8x DVD-Burner<br />LG 40x12x40 CD-RW<br />WD 120GB<br />420W PSU<br />Tweaked out case<br />:)

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