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Happy Birthday Debian
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Thread: Happy Birthday Debian

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    Happy Birthday Debian

    Hmmm, nobody wished Debian a happy 10th birthday...

    Thanks for a great distro!

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    Re:Happy Birthday Debian

    apt-get install birthday-cake


    Yay for Debian

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    Re:Happy Birthday Debian

    10 years old... so stable is what, 4-5 years outdated now?

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    Re:Happy Birthday Debian

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=7;threadid=7565;start=0#msg69338 date=1061130506]
    10 years old... so stable is what, 4-5 years outdated now?


    Actually, since we are on version 3, and 10 divided by 3 equals 3.333333333~, one must assume that it is merely 3.3 years out of date. Give or take a few .3's

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    Re:Happy Birthday Debian

    Happy Birthday Indeed!

    In honour of Debian's birthday I decided that it should get the pleasure of seeing RedHat out. I downloaded the first cd image with that jigdo tool, burned the ISO, and rebooted. As soon as the cd is booted up, the installer segfaults. Happens every freakin time. I've tried ISO's of unstable from jigdo, testing from jigdo, testing from a downloaded ISO, and stable's ISO. ALL of them do the same thing.

    Ah well...guess I'll have to reinstall gentoo. Gee what a shame ;D

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