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Thread: dns/bind and /etc/hosts

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    dns/bind and /etc/hosts

    I run my own dns (my ISPs dns is a tad flakey), but I only do a cache-only nameserver.. I have a couple of other computers that point to my main box for web dns, but everything internal is done with hosts files.

    On my machine, I use /etc/hosts to also block ad servers. Just came across a great list of server from a link on - check . Anyway, instead of having to propigate that over the few machines I have and keep it updated, I'd like to instead use bind to do the blocking for the other computers as well as its lookup only service.

    Is this possible? If so, point me to some docs I can RTFM...

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    Check out eBox

    Check out the eBox-Platform web site. www .ebox-platform .com.

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