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Thread: ultra ata133 raid card

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    ultra ata133 raid card

    Does redhat 9 support an ultra ata133 raid card done by silicon image? I cant find anything either way on it, has anyone got one working?

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    Re:ultra ata133 raid card

    Do you know the model number of the card?

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    Re:ultra ata133 raid card

    RH 9 takes my ATA-133 controller no problem. It might differ since yours wouldn't be on-board, but I seriously doubt it.

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    Re:ultra ata133 raid card

    This would be one of those "hyped" raid cards which are actually software based and not a real hardware RAID I take it. if that's the case, you can normally use the controller as a normal ATA133 controller - and then set up in kernel software RAID, and that's actually faster than just using the crappy software RAID on those cheapo crap boards.

    I would advice against using those cheapo cards - they are utter crap and are only faster on Windows machine since Windows has possiblity the crappiest ATA drivers in the world and what not..

    Please utilise the fact that you have a far superior OS to play with - don't use those fancy RAID controllers - get a real hardware RAID controller with a dedicated processor and RAM, or use in kernel RAID instead. (real RAID controllers are expensive - so unless paying for it felt like your wallet giving birth, you have a cheap software model)

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    Re:ultra ata133 raid card

    I dont know the full details on it. One of the engineers I work with was asking me some questions on it. He is gonna setup a redhat box to do file serving and some other stuff and needs a raid setup to backup his stuff.

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