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Thread: mozilla acting baddly

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    mozilla acting baddly

    hi all,
    the other day while plotting evil things i went to to see what ride i can scare my wife and kids with. well - needless to say i was the one who was scared. but raging bull and superman are kick ass rides. any who - mozilla has been acting very baddly since, i have had hard times loggng in and staying logged in, or else mozilla locks up - in fact right now i am using netscape 4.79. think it was the flash pluggin i removed it, but still no worky worky. the other major thing i did was yank my sound card and use on board sound (which sucks btw). anyone have any ideas?

    this is also the reason have not been posting for a couple of day - well that plus going on amusement park rides.

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    Re:mozilla acting baddly

    Have you tried updating your flash and java plugins?

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    Re:mozilla acting baddly

    try creating a new profile and seeing if it works. if it does then just copy your bookmarks and/or preferences file over to the new profile.

    to create a new profile do mozilla -ProfileManager and create from there

    to copy bookmarks look in ~/.mozilla

    good luck

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    Re:mozilla acting baddly

    okay - it was the onboard sound - i am not sure why this would cause anything to kak...

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    Re:mozilla acting baddly

    Mozilla is acting kinda funny, it seems to freeze for a minute or so, with Slackware 9.0...I got onboard sound card also, I wonder if thats the cause?

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    Re:mozilla acting baddly

    Even on Windows, Moz would choke up if a slight large music file is being downloaded and played. You could disable javascript, but that would stop you from logging in most sites.

    Or maybe there are more than one sound modules loaded. Which is eating up resources.

    You could boot another distro and see if that disappears.

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