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Thread: Python and IDLE

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    Python and IDLE

    Any Python folks using IDLE? I'm not sure that I see much advantange to IDLE over a plain text editor and an Xterm running the Python interpreter. I am missing something?

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    Re:Python and IDLE

    from the IDLE documentation

    It has a Python Shell Window, which gives you access to the Python interactive mode. Its File Editor lets you create new or browse through and edit existing Python source files. There is a Path Browser for searching through the path of available module source files as well as a simple Class Browser for finding the methods of classes. It has a flexible search capability through its Find in Files dialog that lets you search through your files and/or the systems' files to find occurrences of identifiers or any other text fragments. Finally (although this is still is in the process of maturing), it has a Debug Control Panel which provides for the symbolic debugging of Python programs.
    While simple use of pico\vi etc and the python interpreter (or indeed simply the python shell) is handy, i think the above features are what make IDLE attractive to certain users. Just so happens I prefer said pico + python method

    - Sean

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