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Thread: Fore systems AFX-1000 ATM switch

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    Fore systems AFX-1000 ATM switch

    Hey Peeps,
    Has anyone here ever worked with the aforementioned switch? Im currently troubleshooting one (among other things) and I have found the afx-1000 controller card itself to be bad. Now, The question is, if the controller card is bad, would the switch not work? I have full atm connectivity to most of my servers, only thing is, im having trouble logging into the cards on some of my subnets. wierd. Oh, and its also reporting that some of the servers I know to be down are up and talking. ???
    Any help or comments would be appreciated. Im working 12/7 again, so I will check back when i can.


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    Re:Fore systems AFX-1000 ATM switch

    hello? is this thing on? Guess im the only one that uses that switch. thanks anywho guys and gals


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    Re:Fore systems AFX-1000 ATM switch

    i have been helplessly staring at this - but i know nothing about atm...

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    Re:Fore systems AFX-1000 ATM switch

    Dont feel bad PB. Its a huge pain in the ass. Plus, its getting phased out by GIG-E. But, its bending me over the desk right now.

    10ded >

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