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    That proably should be posted in another area.......
    I've seen a couple of cases that projects go away from sourceforge with links saying (on behalf of the project developers) that sourceforge is no longer really free and they preferr Savannah or other sites to host their projects...
    Do you know what's the deal with sourceforge?

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    could you post a link to one of the sourceforge project pages that says this?

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    well as I understood it VA (forrmerly VA Linux) stopped all active involvement with Linux and switched the sourceforge system to a closed source solution based off the open edition.

    That was seen as the beginning of the end for sourceforge by many people since they could shutdown open development "like that", and thus they switched to Savannah instead.

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    SF is closed software while Savanah is an open clone. Unfortunatly, Savanah doesn't have nearly as much resources as sf.

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    Thank gawd for port trees. ;D

    I've notcied a lot of sites going down thanx to the new Euro law on development patents. Gotta love it.

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    Yeah, apache, moz, etc. They usually only shut down the first page and you can still get to others...

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    Another reason why people are moving away from SF is the fact that their CVS server is so endlessly slow and broken you would think the server was a 486.

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