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Thread: Novell Acquires Ximian

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    Novell Acquires Ximian

    Networking software specialist Novell, once a staunch proponent of proprietary software, continued its waltz into the open source sphere Monday with the announcement that it has acquired Ximian, the company behind the GNOME desktop for Linux.

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    Re:Novell Acquires Ximian

    Well, this probably means that Ximian is going to become the desktop for corporate Linux deployment.

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    Re:Novell Acquires Ximian

    This is a good thing...I think...we'll see how it unfolds. Ordinarily I'd be heartily applauding the opportunity for this kind of exposure for Ximian, but then again, recall that SCO was once eager to jump aboard the linux bandwagon too.

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    Re:Novell Acquires Ximian

    It's good for Novell and probably good for Ximian. I havn't heard a thing happening in the Novell camp for sometime, and Ximian needs better funding.

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    Re:Novell Acquires Ximian

    I think/hope that this is going to be something AWESOME and exciting for linux. For Linux and Novell to work together would/will be awesome!

    I thought I heard that Novell was going to try and add a linux client for its Novell Netware products... So if that is true I think that this solidifies it, in my mind anyway.

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    Re:Novell Acquires Ximian

    This says to me that Novell doesn't buy into the whole SCO problem. Why else would they buy a company that only deals with Linux? This gives me a little bit of hope for the future of Linux.

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    Re:Novell Acquires Ximian

    Talk about coming out of left field

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