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    Newbie Questions...

    Ok, sorry if this question has been asked before a lot. I am pretty much new to Linux. Not so much that I know nothing about it, but I was going to try it more a while ago but due too time just stayed with XP.

    Last time I tried it (unsuccessfully) with Slakware (I know, not the best for a newbie). I could never get it to properly see my mouse and has GUI problems. I had RH7.3, but it was never installed. Now a new computer, and interest in it.

    I basically am looking for a good solid distro to start with. I am not afraid of the command line, but I donít was to have to rely on if for too much yet. I just built my new comp in Jan (XP 2700, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, and such) so I need one that supports relatively new hardware.

    Basically I am fine with WinXP and every thing (experienced user since 95, and need it because I am a gamer) but I really want to use Linux. I have been thinking SuSE, Mandrake, and RH9 but am not sure which would be best to go with. I know itís a personal choice, but I would like some advice I something to use until I can use Slakware. ???

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    Re:Newbie Questions...

    On that setup I'm tempted to recommend trying out Gentoo as you say you are not afraid of the commandline - and the install guide is very easy to follow. But you will have to spend a whole heap of time compiling stuff which isn't always as fun.
    And you hand configure things - so instead of doing that...

    I would go with something like Mandrake or SuSE which provide you with all the tools you need to maintain your system.. And since SuSE doesn't provide ISOs for downloading (you have to buy a boxed set or do an FTP install - good business model, hard for some people though) I would have to say Mandrake would be the best option.

    But there are many fine distros out there, so shop around untill you find one that you like, and then remember to support the developers - they need to eat to.

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    Re:Newbie Questions...

    I think that you'd be good with Red Hat or Suse. However, Red Hat is free and Suse is not.

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    Re:Newbie Questions...

    I rekomend SuSe. You need bay to use it, but you have many CD:s of software. Then you don't need to download software in Internet. It is easyer to install the software in SuSe CD than download.

    I am wery new to Linux, but I use Suse and I like it, because it is easy.

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    Re:Newbie Questions...

    From what I hear, Mandrake is pretty nice these days. Actually they've just released a Beta of 9.2, so if you hold out just a little longer you can grab the most modern distro around.

    I would recommend NOT going with RedHat. That's just what I do. It's given me nothing but problems, and I feel sorry for any newbie who has to go through the same crap.

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    Re:Newbie Questions...

    [quote author=Dreak link=board=7;threadid=7479;start=0#msg68720 date=1059810912]

    Last time I tried it (unsuccessfully) with Slakware (I know, not the best for a newbie). I could never get it to properly see my mouse and has GUI problems. I had RH7.3, but it was never installed. Now a new computer, and interest in it.

    Slack, well used to be, a great beginners tool. It just worked and it allowed you the fun of learning the nuts and bolts.

    I am reserving further comment on Slack 9. I am hoping I missed a press release on something. Slack 7.1 was a 3 hour process. Slack 9 thus far has been over 50 hours sofar. All weekend and then some ...

    For sure winners are :

    Red Hat
    Gentoo (precompiled)

    Red Hat ... well, obviously works great. But the admin tools are great. Pick a task and it pretty much has a tool to halp you out. NFS, SMB, Services, Cron, /etc/fstab editor, ohh god, I could go on for a while ;D

    SuSE, the Deutsche Red Hat. Just that SuSE will load up their release with a ton more software. Red Hat refuses to release something the cannot support. SuSE will.

    Mandrake, well more of a desktop that a server distro, so more people have it in that role. Cant really complain about MDK v9.0. It was decent for my tastes. DO take care to see if it is installing any compile tools. I noticed that in the past it doesnt always install them. And software compilation is a necessity (developer or not).

    Gentoo is a much more maintained Slackware. But unless you want to wait 4 or 5 days to "use" your PC, dont try the "compile it yourself" version. The kernel, glibc, gcc, X11, KDE, and GNOME will take FOREVER. Think of all the porn that could be downloaded ....

    So my vote depends on what you want :

    Stability and reassurance :: Red Hat
    Good distro all around, but more software than QA : SuSE
    You are a hacker in the distillery of Jim Beamux : Gentoo.

    I started on Slack, migrated to Red Hat, and whored around with BSD, SuSE, Mandrake, and perhaps later today Debian. None really stunk, but Red Hat and OpenBSD are much more to my taste than any thus far.

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