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Thread: Frustrated with stupidity.

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    Re:Frustrated with stupidity.

    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=17;threadid=7478;start=0#msg69187 date=1060763412]
    Nevermind. Nice how you can't navigate anywhere.

    Yea, that is also why I can't get into the admincenter, or do a search...

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    Re:Frustrated with stupidity.

    I had submitted something a "fix" but after a little more thought it wouldn't have worked out anyway. A more drastic move would be to install Ikonboard on your PC and find what the link is for the admin center and then replace the site specific info in the link... like for yabbse you could just type in the URL for the recent posts
    Maybe there is an equivalent for the admin center for Ikonboard :-\ just a thought

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    Re:Frustrated with stupidity.

    Well, I know that the admincenter is in /cgi-bin/ikonboard/admincenter.cgi, but when I login it keeps pointing me back to /cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi/admincenter.cgi, I think that there is a trailing slash in /cgi-bin/ikonboard/data/boardinfo.cgi, and _if_ I write access to the server, I could just go in and change it..

    That drastic move? I did it.. I used to run Ikonboard 2.1.9 on a site of mine, but I couldn't remember where the admincenter was, so I installed it on my linux box... I intentionally added the trailing slash in boardinfo.cgi, and it did the same thing.

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    Re:Frustrated with stupidity.

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=17;threadid=7478;start=0#msg68782 date=1059872577]

    the "I hate GWB" staickers are mine - all mine. any more would hardly be noticed.

    Well it REALLY wasn't me last week who removed them all and put Elephant stickers all over.... really ;D

    No seriously. And those Budweiser bottles arent mine either, or the Wild Turkey ....

    [me=Schotty]runs like a bat out of hell to a secluded bar to drink.[/me]

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