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Thread: post your computers specs (i belive this is a classic)

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    Re:post your computers specs (i belive this is a classic)

    Note: I'm listing just what I know about them. Some specs havent been worth checking out, or I haven't had the time.

    First Floor:

    Desktop (Family Computer)
    400mhz Celeron, 192megs Ram, 30GB Maxtor Harddrive, Polaroid BurnMax x32, 8MB ATI 3D Rage Pro, SoundBlaster 16

    Proliant (Webserver)
    350mhz PII, 192megs Ram, 4.1GB SCSI Harddrive

    Second Floor:

    Colossus (2.5 foot tall Fileserver)
    4MB ram, 250MB harddrive

    Prolinea (Shares an internet connection with a few other computers over Parallel Cables)
    8MB ram, with a total of 4 Parallel Ports

    K6 (Second Desktop)
    300mhz K-6, 32MB ram, 545MB harddrive

    Yellow (Testing Box. The case is yellow O_o)
    10MB ram, 350MB harddrive

    I have a few more 386's and 486's around. I need to swipe a few more or a bigger harddrive for the Fileserver...

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    Re:post your computers specs (i belive this is a classic)

    You deserve an applause for putting up with a machine that has 4 mb of ram.

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    Re:post your computers specs (i belive this is a classic)

    -AMDXP 2600+ Processor
    -1GB of DDR333 RAM
    -Two 120GB HDDs
    -CD Burner
    -CD Reader
    -WinXP SP1a

    -AMD Duron 1.3GHz
    -768MB of DDR333 RAM
    -Two 40GB HDs
    -20GB Tape Drive
    -CD Burner
    -CD Reader
    -Mandy 9

    Apple IIe
    -1MHz Processor
    -128KB RAM Upgraded from the original 64!
    -Two 5.25 360K Floppies
    -80 Text Card
    -1.2KBPS Modem (still havent figured out how to work it)

    -G4 Desktop
    -128MB of RAM
    -Radeon 7500 (I think)
    -40GB HD

    -512MB of RAM
    -Celeron Processor 1.2GHz
    -40GB HDD
    -GF4 32MB

    Amoung that I have some P1s and P2s and some 386/486s around the basement I havent turned on in a while.

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    Re:post your computers specs (i belive this is a classic)

    -game computer/school computer-
    -amdxp 1600+ cpu
    512 mgb ddr
    ibm 80gxp 80 gb,maxtor 60 gb
    geforce 4
    -linux allround work box-
    -amd 800 Mhz cpu
    -40 gb hd
    -256 sdram
    -geforce 2
    celeron2 566 cpu
    256 sdram-
    420 gb storage (lvm)
    s3 trio
    slack 8
    -firewall box-
    -amd k6 233
    -128 sdram
    -47 gb over 3 hd's
    -s3 trio
    -openbsd 3.3

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    Re:post your computers specs (i belive this is a classic)

    Allrighty then ... Here are my slaves that do my bidding :

    Drunkenmaster ::

    Slack 9 (currnently, may be subject to change)
    Athlon Thunderbird 900MHz
    768MB PC133 RAM
    40GB Western Digital
    Linksys 10/100 Fast Ethernet (needs to go, want a more OSS friendly company ... like Netgear or 3Com or Intel)
    Maxtor USB 2.0 card

    It does :: Nothing right now. I boot to Knoppix to get most things done ;D

    Red Hat 9 (was OpenBSD 3.1, want to put OpenBSD 3.2 or 3.3 as I get time on it).
    AMD K6-2 500 MHz
    256MB PC133 RAM (running @ 100MHz)
    8GBWestern Digital
    3.5 GB Conner (all three using HyperSCSI, damn its cool)
    3 GB Seagate
    Another pair of shit Linksys 10/100 cards
    Crappy Trident 4MB SVGA card (why anything more)
    Creative 24x CDROM drive.

    What it does : HyperSCSI, NFS, Apache, BIND, DHCP, and file warehouse of my useless shit. Plus I can sometimes get it to run a game server. UT works, UT2003 is a wet dream at this time. FreeCiv, Heretic 2, RTCW, all work okay. Do note that this is over SSH on a dedicated server mode.

    Beerbong is dead. I need a new mobo and CPU for it as well as some more HD's. That had my 20Gigger that died in my car accident last year.

    Oh, and so is wildturkey. It got eaten for spare parts. That was my test server. First built that for Null.

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