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Thread: PC Partner Mobo

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    PC Partner Mobo

    My pc just went blank. it's a socket 370 intel 810 mobo with built-in video. I've tested the processor on a diff'rent mobo, and it's working. These are my questions:
    [1] Can i use a pci video card? How will i disable the built-in one?
    [2] I've already had 3 instances with these mobo's. Anyone encountered the same problem?


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    Re:PC Partner Mobo

    1. Yes - just plug it in. Disbable onboard in your BIOS.
    2. Nope - I have AMD stuff.

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    Re:PC Partner Mobo

    Hi! Honestly it's totally blank. No beeps or whatsoever. That's why i can't disable it on the BIOS.

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    Re:PC Partner Mobo

    i would guess that there is something besides the video messed up, is there a jumper that will clear all user settings and restore defaults?

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    Re:PC Partner Mobo

    If its the onboard vid thats wrong stick in a vid card and usually your mobo, atleast mine, uses that instead of the built in one.

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    Re:PC Partner Mobo

    bad/misseated ram can cause this. or cpu but you already checked that.

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