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Thread: debian - stable or sarge

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    debian - stable or sarge

    i have a friend here and too lazy to create his own account so i'm asking the question for him: ;D
    which release of debian should he use the stable one or sarge, the yet to be named stable version that is available in the iso format?

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    Re:debian - stable or sarge

    if stabilty is a really big issue go with woody, else sarge. i use to run unstable and had no issues. but then i don't any servers that see much action.

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    Re:debian - stable or sarge

    If it's a server run woody. For a workstation sarge is fine (or even sid if you know your way around the debian package management tools). Mind you that from a security point of view sarge is the least favourable branch of debian: woody gets security updates and sid gets the latest upstream version so they are both pretty secure as long as you run the usual apt-get update && apt-get upgrade regularly. Sarge doesn't have any of these benefits. That's why you shouldn't run it on a server or in any environment where security is an issue.

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    Re:debian - stable or sarge

    I always run stable until I can't run stable any longer without feeling way behind. Try stable, if it's good enough stick with it for a bit, if not dist-upgrade.

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