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Thread: upgrading to RH9.0

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    upgrading to RH9.0

    OK, heres the poop.
    I am currently running rh7.3 it seems like a good platform, no major bitches. But, I have to d/l like seventy five different things to get any new prog's to run. Would upgrading to 9.0 be the cure for my problems or would I lose all of my configurations and everything?

    10ded ???

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    Re:upgrading to RH9.0

    hi 10ded,
    funny you mention this - i upgraded the wife's computer from rh 7.3 to redhat9 two days ago - it was really flawless - so i would go for it. if you ahve a bunch of custom stuff it should still work - grant it all she does is online games and a few office things, but printing and networking and X settings were good.

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    Re:upgrading to RH9.0

    Thanks PB. I knew I could count on you. The thing that necessitates all of this is trying to compile the source of WINEX. You would think it would be fairly simple, but no, youve got to download all of this crap to get one simple program to run. SHeeesh.
    Im downloading the iso's now at work. Sucks not being a lpb at home.

    10ded :

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    Re:upgrading to RH9.0

    i figured it would be somthing like an xfree86 4.3 needed or something similar... that is nice

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    Re:upgrading to RH9.0

    I burned the iso's this morning at work for rh9. I hope to get them installed sometime before the sun explodes. I will let you guys hear me rant and rave when i fubar everthing up.


    Ok, Im not doing something right, because the disks arent bootable. This is my first time doing the iso thing so maybe im just/still fubar. Is there something that I have to do to make them bootable?


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    Re:upgrading to RH9.0

    what did you burn them with?

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    Re:upgrading to RH9.0

    Well, the long and short of the story is that I borrowed the rh9 disks from a friend. I did manage to get it installed and working. However, I have never seen a shittier os (besides windows). I have more uptime with the first generation shit that lockheed puts out at work. My uptime with 9.0 was about 28 minutes b4 it would crash. My uptime with 7.3 was 48 days. Big Difference.
    SO, I reinstalled 7.3 and am slowly getting everything back to where I had it b4. The good news is that Im getting fairly competent at using the cli to configure the system back to where it was.

    THanks for all your help PB.


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