Now don't get me wrong. There's no way in hell linux would leave my desktop for anything short of OSX. But no matter what you use, be it Windows, Linux, OSX, or other, there's always just a little something still to be desired. And to that, I dedicate this thread. We're always hearing about all the ups of a linux desktop...what are some of the things you wish were in place but just aren't quite there yet? It can be kernel, application, hardware, or anything-related. Who knows...maybe this thread will inspire some benevolent developers. I'll go first.

I use my machine for all kinds of day-to-day tasks, and printing is one of those. I'd love to see better printing support in Gnome 2.x, as where it currently stands it needs a whole lot of work. Something a little more like KDE or Windows where you have "Advanced Driver Option" that allow you to do all sorts of tweaking to the print job.

I'd also love to see improvements to, although Ximian seems to be covering this one nicely. I've always dreamed of a GTK2 port, and quite frankly in Ximian's latest beta I have trouble telling the difference. However, improved support for multiple data series in OOo Calc would be a Godsend. The other day I had to plot an XY scatter with 8 different data series. My girlfriend had it done in 3 minutes with Excel's "Add Data Series" option, while I puzzled over it for a good half hour. I'm sure it can be's just not obvious.

Finally, I dream of the day when X is a thing of the past. Granted, for its time it was revolutionary and incredible and all sorts of good things. Nowadays it's like a tank...overkill and clumsy to boot. I can't count the number of problem I've had that have been X-related, including random session restarts (a killer when you're trying to get stuff done). DirectFB removes an unneccessary layer of abstraction from the hardware and puts things at the level where they should be, and I'd like to see some support for an eventual movement away from X and into DirectFB.

Those are some that come to mind. What about everyone else? What are some gripes you'd like to see fixed?