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Thread: suse screen resolution

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    suse screen resolution

    I am running suse 8.2 on my desktop.. And it wont let me run anything higher than 1023x768 i want to get up to 1024 but how do i get that set?

    I have an nvidia graphics card and it worked in windows.

    If you guys have any ideas just let me know thank you..

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    Re:suse screen resolution

    Ok so you are in 800x600 and you want to go to 1024x768? Well have you tried ctr+alt+"+" or ctr+alt+"-". This should(or at least does on my RedHat 7.3 system) change between your avalible resolutions.

    Hope it works...

    Oh and use the keys on your keypad for the plus and minus signs.

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    Re:suse screen resolution

    actuall.. What is the config file used to configure the xwindows resolution.... Like when your setting up slack, i can go in and manually configure it.

    Anybody know the name and location of it?


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    Re:suse screen resolution


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    Re:suse screen resolution

    Dag nabbit... i knew that one > Ah well... I guess it's all good anyways. Hope it works for ya.

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