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Thread: WANTED: SDRAM(133), Hard Drive, Switch, and Possibly a NIC Card?

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    WANTED: SDRAM(133), Hard Drive, Switch, and Possibly a NIC Card?

    Ok well I am going to be getting an old HP(1GHz, onboard vid, 60GB HD, cdrw,dvd drive) and am planning on taking out the dvd drive and the cdrw drive and swapping it into my AMD system. That is besides the point though. The system currently only has 128MB of RAM and I am thinking that this is really to low for my purposes(plan on using it as a file server/gateway/ anything else server related that i need).

    It uses SDRAM(133 i think) if I remember correctly. Doesn't have to be anything special. Just working RAM. Maybe a trade off of his RAM and some money for a larger stick of RAM? Just plain money? I don't really want to spend anymore then $20-30 for it, but if that is an insanely low price then please correct me.

    I was also thinking of buying a 2nd HD for my computer for my linux distro's that I am trying out. I am going to have several of them just to get the feel for linux all around and to figure out what I like best. I dont want to use my HD space and was thinking that for my linux needs, just a low grade(not broken or dying of couse ) HD would do nicely. Just something like 20-30GB.

    I also have heard that switches are much more efficent with data transfer then Hubs. To bad I didnt know that when I made a rush by for a little LAN party with my friends at my house :. I am also running outta ports. It's a 4 port NetGear hub... (Model EN 104 tp) and am offering it up for trade(along with money) if someone is willing to part with an 8+ port switch from a known maker... I just threw away the box() but it is in very nice condition, all with mounting screws and power thing-a-mabob. Not to old. Just not cutting it no more.

    Lastly... I have heard of people having 2 ethernet ports in a server... why is that? Is one for the cable modem and then one for a cable to the hub/switch? If so then nvm on the need for one. If it is for some other purpose then I may be interested.

    Ok well thanks and sorry if I didnt anything against the rules...dont know what I could have done but it is kind of late and I just wanna get this out there to see what people have to say. Thanks

    Oh ya... just post here, pm me, or e-mail me at zeratulsavenger<at> Probably PM'ing or posting is fastest since i dont get much mail to check, so I dont do it to often

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    Re:WANTED: SDRAM(133), Hard Drive, Switch, and Possibly a NIC Card?

    You might want to check memory online. It is quite cheap nowadays.

    There are different reasons why you'd want multiple nics. Mainly, is for routing. You use one nic to connect to one network (often the iinternet) and the second one to connect to your local network. Or having multiple nics, to allow your computer to connect to the net through one, and other computers to connect to the net via your computer (thus, making your computer a router.)

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    Re:WANTED: SDRAM(133), Hard Drive, Switch, and Possibly a NIC Card?

    Ok well no need for the NIC then.

    Also thanx for the memory site. All i have seen is $50 for 256MB, and am not willing to pay that much because it's juct PC133 RAM... nothin special That is also more then what I payed for my 3200 or my 2700. Well good thing I didnt buy locally then

    So I guess that may take care of the Memory need, along with the NIC. Still interested in RAM though, just in case it's for a better prive then on websites. Also I am still looking for the switch and the HD. Thanx

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    Re:WANTED: SDRAM(133), Hard Drive, Switch, and Possibly a NIC Card?

    Forget switches. Get a router. You can get those for as much or cheaper than a 256MB PC133. Sitches are nice, but more useful in actual switched networks with multiple routers.

    As for the HDD, you might as well spend some cash. Why spend around $80 for a 30GB, when you could buy a 120GB for $120?

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    Re:WANTED: SDRAM(133), Hard Drive, Switch, and Possibly a NIC Card?

    Well that is kind of what I was trying to avoid with the HD. I don't want to spend the $80, but that would be for a new one. I was kind of aiming at an older one that maybe someone wasn't using because they upgraded their system, or something like that.

    The router wouldn't make much sense in my mind, because it is about the same amount of money for a 4 port router($34.99 US Robitica or however you spell it) and a 8 port switch($24.99 D-Link) or ($49.99 NetGear) From If I had broadband then I would be all for the routerand just connect my hub up to it to increase the amount of ports, but since no one service's my road, it just seems kind of pointless.

    Since I am a kid and don't have a job(and now school is gonna start), I don't really want to spend a lot of money on things that I don't need. They are just things that I want and was hoping to be able to get for cheaper from other people.

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