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Thread: SMB config on RH9.0

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    SMB config on RH9.0


    I'm using RH9.0 with XD2.

    When I go to "My Computer" > "Windows Network" to access SMB shares it takes a long time to find all the windows domains. Is there a config file that I can edit to set some default values for say user name, WINS server, domain controller, etc?


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    Re:SMB config on RH9.0

    make sure the other PCs on your network are listed in /etc/hosts

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    Re:SMB config on RH9.0

    one off the track question.

    If I add the domain controller's(master browser) IP in the /etc/hosts file will it speed things up?

    Doesn't the SMB service look for a master browser on the network to find domain/hosts information?


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