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Thread: Problems booting RH 8

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    Problems booting RH 8

    Here's the deal. I go through the install process flawlessly, the machines POSTs etc fine, if I boot off the CD image everything goes fine, but if not, now get this, I get a single 'L' displayed with a flashing cursor. Nothing else. Keyboard's still alive so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue, but it will accept zero input. Any ideas?

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    Re:Problems booting RH 8

    That 'L' is the first letter of LILO, the LInux LOader. This indicates that there is a problem with the boot loader installation. Does the RH 8 installer give you the option to use GRUB instead of LILO? That might take care of the problem.

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    Re:Problems booting RH 8

    hi johnquain -
    welcome to ljr - 1st have you had another linux distro installed? rh8 used grub as the default bootloader - an L tells me that LILO may be installed, but there should be a couple of numbers with it - per this site:

    if grub is the bootloader can you please let us know if you are booting from the primary hard disk,

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    Re:Problems booting RH 8

    Yeah, reinstalled using GRUB this time and booted up like no problem. Thanks a lot guys.

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