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Thread: Mozilla/Netscape crashing

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    Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    Hope someone can help. I've got slackware 9.0 installed, the problem is with mozilla and netscape. Mozilla crashes as soon as I try to type anything in the browser, url and text boxes. Netscape isn't so bad, but eventually that crashes as well. I'm always forced to delete ~/.mozilla to get netscape to run again. Can anyone help?

    Slackware 9.0
    P4 2.4ghz 'northwood'
    Gigabyte P4titan667
    512mb ram (pc2700)
    Geforce4 Ti42000
    Audigy 2
    80gb IBM deskstar
    Liteon cd-r/rw 52x24x52
    pioneer dvd 120s

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    i don't run slack, but what i'd try first is starting mozilla from a terminal, then taking note of the error messages that show up in the terminal window when it crashes. i'd then google whatever messages you get, or check them against the the knowledge base on the mozilla website for clues on how to fix. if you haven't already, i'd also try upgrading to moz 1.4, which came out the other day

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    I've tried running it from the console. When it crashes there's no error message. I've also tried upgrading it to 1.4 but the problem still persists. I've tried searching other linux forums, one person had the same problem but no one has replied yet.

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    If you log in as a different user, and then run it, does it still crashes?

    Are you using the Mozilla and Netscape packages from the installation cd?

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    It crashes with both root and normal user. I used the packages from the slack cd. I tried removing it using unistallpkg and installing it from source but it still crashes/freezes.

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    Is this the only application doing this?

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    ok, this is new, right, initially mozilla freezes when i attempt to enter text, I leave it for 4 minutes, no error messages in the console, then it resumes and i can now browse normally. I restart it, again it freezes for about 4 minutes and suddenly starts to work.

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    Can you try to create a new user and see if it happens then too?

    Otherwise, I'd suggest to try to get help from the Mozilla team themselves.

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    Still does it with a new user. It's a recurring problem with this system and slack 9, i'll try mozilla team. cheers anyway

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    Re:Mozilla/Netscape crashing

    i am thinking that perhaps your network is not properly configured or there is an dns issue and moz is taling a long time do anything, check you dns entries, and try ping thing over a long period (~1 minute) to see if that is all good.

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