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Thread: calendar in PHP

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    calendar in PHP

    Anyone have a basic calendar in php? I've found a few on the web, but nothing too exciting - or Free and easy to change...

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    Re:calendar in PHP

    Hey have you looked on I was playing around on there one day and I saw a couple of them that looked pretty darn nice. Not sure how easy they are to change but I would bet they can do what you want.

    this one looks nice

    Ok so maybe I only saw one :-[ But it still seems pretty nice.

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    Re:calendar in PHP

    webcalendar that you pointed out is nice. we use at it my former school for knowning when we are needed to work stagecrew (

    it's slightly modified though so there is only one user but multiple people can modify it

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    Re:calendar in PHP

    Nothing I found on the 'net satisfied my requirements (MS SQL server being one of them), so I wrote one from scratch. If anyone else is interested in it, drop me a PM and I'll email a copy of the code.

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    Re:calendar in PHP

    cool that you wrote it yourself, the best solution is often the custom one, though the custom one can be a pain to do.

    should i need an ms sql calendar i'll let you know

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    Re:calendar in PHP

    Haven't tried it myself, but I've heard Kronolith is quite good, though stand-alone.

    It actually supports more then one database, including MS-SQL (via pear).

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