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Thread: Happy Birthday Slackware!

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    Happy Birthday Slackware!

    Tomorrow (7/17/03) marks the 10th anniversary of the announcment of Slackware 1.0 . 8) Slackware 8)

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    Since it's "it's" birthday, I'll refrain from making comments about mercy killings.

    happy birthday, you old geeser..

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    Slack is were it's at.....Once u go Slack, u neva go back! ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    werd to that man, *toasts and wipes a tear* happy birthday you loveable son of a bitch

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    looks like slackware 9.1 is in the making, cant wait. and ROOT (a small slack based distro) just released 1.4beta. ROOT was pretty damn good when I last used it, but it got outdated and development kinda slowed down/stopped for a year, but it was picked back up and looks like they are gettin a move on, gonna check out how they have been doing with this 1.4 release. sadly it still isnt as up to date as slack 9.1 is looking. *rubs his hands* linux is so exciting ;D

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    Do you have a link for ROOT?

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    Yeah I tried it awhile back also and I liked it. I thought it was pretty good...I just ended up reformatting my hard drive at the time and didn't put it back on. I may give it another shot since it's been updated.

    Here's the link for it!

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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    Well, I've just downloaded Slackware 9. I'm going to install it on my 120 gig drive along with a couple of others (such as Mandy 9.1, RH 9, FreeBSD 5.1, and Libranet 2.7 Classic).


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    Re:Happy Birthday Slackware!

    slackware is hauling some *serious* ass with 9.1, check out beta2 as of yesterday

    look at that shit!!!!!!!!!! only 3 packages aren't the latest. they are on the ball, slack only gets better with each new release, im glad that slack is becoming more up to date, it only makes it stronger. i guess that 10th aniversery hyped them up over there.

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