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Thread: How do you say ....

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    Re:How do you say ....

    I love your new avatar text Genie.... You are a fountain of wisdom...

    :'( :'( :'( :'(

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    Re:How do you say ....

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=7390;start=0#msg68193 date=1058641796]
    :'( :'( :'( :'(

    ??? ??? ??? ???

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    Re:How do you say ....

    [quote author=NGene link=board=17;threadid=7390;start=0#msg68199 date=1058645438]
    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=7390;start=0#msg68193 date=1058641796]
    :'( :'( :'( :'(

    ??? ??? ??? ???

    I just miss you - it seems to me life took a serious downturn since you asked me to go back..

    New avatar... again... this one isn't as sexy (however it's probably a good thing)

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    Re:How do you say ....

    Linux: Len-ucks, Len-icks, Line-icks


    SQL: S. Q. L., Sea-quill

    SQL but i've heard sequel

    GNU: Guh-new, G.N.U.

    guh-new, i used to say G.N.U but i like the sound of guh-new more

    OSI: O.S.I., osy

    i never say it but i read it in my head as OSI

    fsck: fff sss kkk, fisk, fuck

    fisk, even when i'm mad at my computer i'd pronounce it fisk... though i prolly wouldn't be saying fisk.

    init: in it, eyenit

    GNOME: Guh-nome, knowm
    gee-nome, who say knowm? that sounds like kde. K-nowm.

    KDE: K.D.E. Kadie

    kde but if you say it fast it sounds like kadie.

    as for varchar i say var-char. i've heard char being called care. because character's char is a care not char but i still say char. it sounds better.

    procmail just proc-mail...

    my girlfriends mobo just kinda died (ata control and floppy controller no longer work) and the only way i could get it working at all was a pci ata controller, which i couldn't install to because i can't boot off cdrom from it and floppy won't work cause the controller is dead. and windows refuses to move from one computer to another if it is on a pci ata controller. so long story short she is running linux now. and she was talking on AIM to a friend and said that i set it up with a "gooey" and he laughed at her for spelling it that way. she also found SCSI funny.

    oh okay /etc what do you guys say?
    i always say slash etik and people sometimes think i say /x
    or ls -l. i say negative l but some people say like dash l or whatever.

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    Re:How do you say ....

    i say /etc as "etcetera" because etc is the abbreviation for etcetera :P

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    Re:How do you say ....

    [quote author=gorn link=board=17;threadid=7390;start=0#msg68237 date=1058763054]
    or ls -l. i say negative l but some people say like dash l or whatever.

    I would say dash l, but many times, im telling people who have no idea what to put, so i have to say space dash l :

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    Re:How do you say ....

    I never knew MySQL was pronounced "Me"-SQL.


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