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Thread: SOT Linux

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    SOT Linux

    Has anybody heard or used this before?

    You can get a desktop or server edition along with an office suite!

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    Re:SOT Linux

    yeah, it's a finnish based distro which is apparently quite popular up there - but SOT office nothing but a copy of OOo with the words OpenOffice crossed out and SOT office written with magic marker.

    The distro as such isn't much more than a round of the mill Linux, nothing innovative - but it works.

    They once tried to go for the scandinavian market so they changed their name to Best Linux - since SOT apparently in swedish could be a tad unclear or insulting (meaning black I think - my swedish is a tad rusty - which is also slang for the pratice of charging for a service without reporting it to the IRS)
    This failed miserably so they went back to SOT, after spending a fortune getting the Best Linux brand established.


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