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Thread: Password disappeared? O.o

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    Password disappeared? O.o

    I try to su and type my trusty password to have it tell me that the password is invalid. Is there any way to fixee makee all better without having to reinstall, possibly a file I could look at too?

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    Re:Password disappeared? O.o

    You might try this link ;-);threadid=6799

    or if it wraos on you

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    Re:Password disappeared? O.o

    Same thing happened to me, HD corruption it was. Run fsck on your drive

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    Re:Password disappeared? O.o

    Gah, I hope it's not hd corruption. Guess I wouldn't be surprised if it was tho, or maybe something with my emerge sync went wonky. hm..or maybe I typoed something which is possible too. Ah well I'll fsck my hard drive and see if that helps.

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    Re:Password disappeared? O.o

    didn't need to fsck, no corruption. I think something happened using the wrong flag on a usermod. I rebooted, logged in as root userdel'd my user account and recreated it, now everything works.

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