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Thread: to everyone

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    Re:to everyone

    cloverm please check your e-mail. oh man. I don't know what i'm going to do. I think we need a stand by on every site i go to.

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    Re:to everyone

    [quote author=Bigwebmaster link=board=21;threadid=7382;start=0#msg67955 date=1058142607]
    Stop talking about Ozzu and you will not hear from me.
    [quote author=dsantamassino link=board=21;threadid=7382;start=0#msg67956 date=1058142948]
    ok i will stop talking about your forum.

    All right guys, let's leave it at this. I will not try to be the judge over a dispute that happened on another forum and I know nothing about.

    I hope this case is closed.

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    Re:to everyone

    ok cloverm. This case will be closed if i don't hear from that guy.


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