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Thread: Laptop distro?

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    Laptop distro?

    My question to you is this.

    I have a laptop, wireless network card and i'm a very newbie guy to the desktop. Not familar with compiling sound and what not.

    What would be a good distro that is free to put on the laptop to help me easily get setup with sound video and network?

    i know suse is greatr but it also costs money.

    Let me know thanks for your help.

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    Re:Laptop distro?

    I hear SuSE is really good for laptops.

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    Re:Laptop distro?

    Red Hat

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    Re:Laptop distro?

    I've heard great stories with SuSE and laptops. Red Hat and Mandrake seem to have good success as well. Really, pick the distro you like tho use the most and it will prboably work, tohugh you might have to tweak it a bit.

    If you want 100% working out of the box with little or no hassle then it's SuSE, Red Hat or Mandrake.

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    Re:Laptop distro?

    I personally never tried SuSE on my laptop. However, I have tried RH and Mandrake.

    Mandrake runs A-OK. I have no complaints about it and I run it today.

    RH is a different story. It installed perfectly, everything configured really quickly and nicely. However, after about 10 minutes of use, I noticed my fan didn't turn on. I proceeded to work on it though, hoping it would turn on when it needed. After 30 minutes passed, the fan still didn't turn on. This is a bad thing for my laptop since i never had the fan not turn on after 10 minutes of use before. After shutting down for about 10 minutes, I tried to turn it back on for another 15 minutes and still no luck. I decided right then that I should go to Mandrake.

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    Re:Laptop distro?

    I installed Red Hat on my Latitude C840 (since then changed to Gentoo on the laptop, but only because of personal dislike of Red Hat.) RH ran good on my laptop, and I never had any problems.

    If the fans don't come up, it might be because the apm module is not loaded or the apmd demon is not starting up. I never had that happen on my computer.

    BTW, there is some software that actually allows you to control your fans manually.

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