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Thread: i could use some help

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    i could use some help

    hey guys, i'm back (but only for a really short time)

    a couple of months ago i began writing a tool that allows the user to easily download files offered on IRC servers. i wrote it in VB.NET but i recently rewrote the whole thing in C# for possible future linux versions.

    What i could really use is someone who wants to try to get this tool to compile with the mono c# compiler and if possible, provide me with linux binaries of the tool so i can put a linux version on my site. I am no longer involved with linux in any way so i don't have the time available to do this myself.

    the site of the program is and yes it is open source (BSD license)

    if anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know.


    (and cloverm, sorry for using your site for advertising my program, but i'm actually requesting linux assistance so i though it would be allright, if not just delete my post)

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    Re:i could use some help

    Ralinx, good to see ya again. Wish i could help man. sorry.

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    Re:i could use some help

    I'd like to help too, but I have been unable to install correctly the C# compiler. ???

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    Re:i could use some help

    I couldn't get the C# compiler to work under Windows let alone Linux :. Win2k and C# is a no no.


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