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Thread: Computer going bad

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    Computer going bad

    Hey everyone,

    I thought people might enjoy the story of my plight with my computer. So here it goes...

    A few weeks ago my computer froze up on me and required a hard reboot. Fine it happens from time to time in Windows, I'm used to that. Well it starts to happen once a day, then twice a day. Finally this week you could only use the computer for about an hour or 2 before it would freeze. And with my wife being home for the summer, and with out a vehicle(that is another story of plight for another thread!) for now, I thought I would try and take care of this. So my first inclination is that my HD is starting to go. I call Dell, I only have 65 days left on my warranty, and the tech guy is someone Arab guy who I can't understand ( I have a hard time with accents ). We go through all this rig-a-marrole and the system just keeps freezing on us finally during one of the HD tests it freezes, so we decide to send me a new HD. It is now on its way.

    Well that is all well and good but there is info on there that I had not gotten the oportunity to back up so I decide, HA if it just the HD I can use Knoppix and just take stuff from hda1 and put it on hdb1. (By the by, Knoppix is AMAZING!!! I love it SO COOL) Well I tested it out here at work and the disk is good and everything is working just fine... not the case when I get home. I start up the PC and I get into Knoppix for only about 5 minutes and it freezes on me. I know I'll just remove the bad hda1 to see if it will just let me do things without it in... Nope I can't even get past the desktop loading > So I remove both HDs nothing still freezes on me. So I do the only thing left to do I had to call Dell again and after talking to another hard to understand Arab guy, he transfers me to a Hardware specialist, a good 'ole american that I can understand easily. So after wierdness after wierdness he decides to send me a new MoBo and PC133 128MB stick of RAM ;D ;D ;D Unfortunately I have to return the old stuff :P So I have to wait for all that to come in!! I'll keep you posted on my install!

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    Re:Computer going bad

    Try memtest86 to see if your ram have gone bad.

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    Re:Computer going bad

    Well I guess that I am happy that my first Windows system I built. I am horrible with accents also and hate the telephone help....(spent 3 hours setting up a stock program for my mom because it seems as though a reinstal of the OS just destroyes it and you have to get completely re setup with the tech people re-assigning passwords and such.. )
    GL on the new parts though

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    Re:Computer going bad

    Well we never did find out EXACTLY what was wrong with the whole thing. But the new MoBo and RAM stick seems to have fixed whatever was wrong!! It is working like a dream now!! But man they make those cases harder than hell to work in.

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    Re:Computer going bad

    Talk about Deja vu.. About 3 weeks ago XP crashed on me. I was just surfing the net and the next thing I know my computer shuts down and reboots. I'm greeted with the infamous BSOD informing me that XP has decided to die and all is lost. I whipped out the cd and decided to give Automated Recovery a shot. I'd like to shoot who ever came up with that, because it wiped out the main partition on my drive and all my stuff. Thanks to MS ASR I can now reformat that partition and re-install, which I did.. Several times. It took me 2 weeks, a new hard drive and a new mobo to get my system back up and running. Problem is, the bad drive wasn't the primary, it was my slave 80GB. To this day I don't have the slightest clue as to what went wrong. It seems to be 'stable' now.

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    Re:Computer going bad

    hrm, from my experiances, it could be your ram or your hard disk controller. but i guess that doesnt matter, they will referb it or toss it. you remain happy either way.

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    Re:Computer going bad

    dell tech support is actually pretty good, at my work last summer we had a contract on our dells that was expiring so we were trying to call everything in. granted sometimes you have to go thru the motion to prove that something is broken, but after a while you know what to say to get a said item replaced ("the harddrive makes a sound like a marble dropping during boot then it freezes", to get a new hard drive, "i tried running the diagonstic disk and it froze while booting, the disk worked in another computer and when i boot up and look in My Computer A: doesn't show", for a new floppy. and so on. but you wanna make sure you are replacing the right thing, but you can probably figure out whats broken faster than you could while being walked thru a test on the phone.

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    Re:Computer going bad

    I do the same at work when I call Dell.

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