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Thread: Corrupted Trash Icon

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    Corrupted Trash Icon

    Hi guys,

    I am using Dropline Gnome (2.6), and I am very please on it (After using KDE forever, I guess I am amazed by the "one tool for each task" policy in Dropline.)
    Anyway, I found a weird thing. When I erase anything, it goes to my trash can, and if I right-click on it, it allows me to "Empty the Trashcan". however, if I double-click on it, to see what's inside, it says that there is no action associated with that icon. Has anyone encountered this before?

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    Re:Corrupted Trash Icon

    Try this: open up gconf-editor ( "gconf-editor" in a terminal if it's not in the menus) and navigate to apps->nautilus->desktop and check the value of trash_icon_visible. Make sure it's checked.

    Also, what happens when you open up nautilus and type "trash:" into the location bar?

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    Re:Corrupted Trash Icon

    It shows as visible in the gconf-editor.

    Opening it from nautilues, it works fine...

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    Re:Corrupted Trash Icon

    You know I'm really not sure. I can tell you that you may find better help over at the Dropline forums though.

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    Re:Corrupted Trash Icon

    They have been down all weekend...

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

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    Re:Corrupted Trash Icon

    you could also try the forums over at ...some people over there that are pretty handy with Gnome.

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    Re:Corrupted Trash Icon

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