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Thread: to trickster and everyone.

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    to trickster and everyone.

    I got some really good news. I got accepted for fall in the community college. I'm going for Computer Science and that's in the mathematics department. July 25, 2003 i have to take a Placement Test to see where are they going to put me at in terms of classes or courses. How do you think of that guys?? I'm studying algebra just in case that will be on the test. I want to take chemistry and physics but i never took that. If that is on test i don't know how to do it so i would have to skip it. That's the good news i have for trickster and everyone else.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    That's great!! Congratulations!!! 8) ;D 8)

    I always wanted to take physics in college, but never took enough math (I studied psychology, and math is toughed only for statistics.)

    I tok chemistry, though. It was ok.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    Thakns. Do you know enough math to help me in the other forum so i could practice for my test?? If you don't then that's ok. If you do then please join me in the algebra forum. Thanks again.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    Does this mean I just did your homework for nothing ?

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    Re:to trickster and everyone. math kinda sucks... Last class I took was precalculus, like 6-7 years ago.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    I do Digital Signal Processing 2 times a week and then programming in ASM and C++ on top - my math is kinda shaky without my trusty TI-89, it's nice little tool to have.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    i had 6 sememsters of calc - that was a few years ago but i should be able to help

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    pbharris come on over to my algebra forum. I don't think Lovechild is online to help. Please reply back so i know that you want to help me. Thanks and i just made a post over there.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

    to trickster and Lovechild: There is a joke that i want to forward to you guys. It was from a while back. Lovechild and trickster, Can i have your e-mail address?? I can't post it in here it would probably led to a ban or a warn so i'm going to keep it in e-mail. You guys would probably laugh your ass off if you read what i'm going to forward. Please reply back. Thanks.

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    Re:to trickster and everyone.

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