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Thread: Forum software upgrade

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    did I miss something it doesn't feel any different here - no faster, no less buggy...

    aside the login bit I'm convinced I feel nothing different...


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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    The boards seem a bit more responsive to me and I havn't noticed any bugs (other than during the upgrade of course :P).

    Thanks cloverm!

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    The Recent Posts don't seem to be updating correctly.

    Ashdown posted on the NWN thread at 01:20:56 PM, (last current post there) and then on this thread at 03:48:46 PM (last post in this thread.)

    Yet, the NWN thread is showing as the most recent...

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    I noticed this as well. I went and posted to half of the newest threds and some off the list and the list only changed by moving one thread to the top (which was posted to first).

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    Okay, after the upgrade replying to threads take forever and a day for me.. it just loads and loads and loads... and if I'm lucky, it can take up to 10 mins.

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    I noticed that the homepage doesn't update the newest threads correctly as well. However, I have not had any problems with speed and how fast the forums or topics load. Perhaps its just because I have cable internet...

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    Well, it looks a bit different now, but it seems to be working.

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    all seems good, although having the last 10 replies rather than the last 10 relied threads is a bit of a bother. Other than that, working great on this end.

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    Re:Forum software upgrade

    Hey cloverm. Just noticed that the PET section is a bit b0rked. Thought I'd let you know. Check my name on my new PET. Also, did you mean to make it to where you can't modify it?

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