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Thread: Cable or DSL

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    Cable or DSL

    I am wanting to run my own server from my home network. Currently, my residential cable co (Time Warner, Bright House, Aol, Media One, same thing ...) doesn't allow servers on the network and they are not reliable enough anyways. I currently get cut off line 2-3 times a day for up to 2 hours each time. One time we waited 4 days and Time Warner said there was nothing wrong the entire time saing it must be our problem ???

    Here is what I want to use my bandwith for.
    1.) HTTP (3 sites): 2 small sites (5-10 uniques a day) and one medium site (200-400 uniqes a day).
    2.) FTP for personal away from home use.
    3.) SSH for personal away from home use.
    4). QMAIL server for 3 site domains.
    5.) Private NWN dedicated server.
    6.) Enough bandwidth left for causal web browsing and downloading of small files (end user requirement).

    Here are my choices for providors.

    Buisness Class Cable -
    2Mbps down (top)
    384k up (top)
    $90 a/mo

    Plus: Same providor I currently have. No extra install fees. Cheapest a month for base service.
    Minus: Same providor I currently have. Might have same connection problems. Speeds are not promised, they are the top speeds you are allowed to reach. No static IP's ($25 each a month). No tech support for non-Windows OS's.

    SDSL -
    384k up (Low grade is 192)
    384k down (Low grade is 192)
    4 Static IP's
    200 MB offsite file download space
    $109 a/mo (Low grade is $99 a/mo)

    Plus: Speeds promised. Bandwidth not shared. free static IP's. Not same as cable company. Unix/Linux/Mac OS X support. A few perks here and their for signing up.
    Minus: Costs more than cable. May not be as fast. Installation fees (about $350 with $250 mail in rebate).

    What seems like the best thing to do. Do any of you have similar setups or know by experiance how much bandwith I'd need?

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    Re:Cable or DSL

    I would go with the SDSL. Are there not any ADSL providers? Hate to see the download bandwidth go down. Good thing is, DSL providers don't care if you run servers since the bandwidth isn't shared, and you never get bogged down with other people being on the network. Running 3 sites from 384kbps upload can be pushing it though, but you probably know that. Sounds like you need a T1.

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    Re:Cable or DSL

    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=4;threadid=7344;start=0#67669 date=1057470869]
    Are there not any ADSL providers?

    None at all.

    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=4;threadid=7344;start=0#67669 date=1057470869]
    Running 3 sites from 384kbps upload can be pushing it though, but you probably know that. Sounds like you need a T1.

    I figure since 2 out of the three are low traffic they hardly count .... though I want to add them in their just in case. On a good day for them they will get a combined of 30 diffrent people for the intire day,

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    Re:Cable or DSL

    The more votes and comments the better!

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    Re:Cable or DSL

    Well I voted before I read the post so you can subtract one of the cable votes : )

    I think the SDSL would be a better bet, near as I can tell with a static IP you can run whatever servers you want. I cannot get CHSI to give me a static although my IP has not changed one time since service activation. Even with a Cable static they will almost always block port 80 so you are stuck.


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    Re:Cable or DSL

    3 sites too much? Pshaw! Figure it out.. he's looking at around 400 hits on his high load days. That comes out to one hit every 3.6 minutes about (assuming they distributed evenly.) At 384 up, he can upload about 10megabytes in 3.6 minutes .. just how much data transfer you think there's going to be on those sites?

    the sdsl sounds better, allows servers, gives guaranteed bandwidth, etc.... not too much more either. Lower downloads, which will affect your browsing/downloading (but not the servers really.)

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